I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all personally in my desperate time of need. Saint-Gobain recently had a Continental Process Water Chiller fail.  Due to the quick response of Pat Flaherty and Frank Lepone a major crisis was avoided for a short time.  Bob Abbott was called to duty, and with extensive research a Carrier Aqua-Snap Process Chiller was found. The funding was quickly approved and the unit arrived November 14, 2011.  The following Thursday and Friday the transition was taking place.  Saturday key technicians Frank Lepone and Jim Casselring work extensively to get the job done. When finished, the Aqua Snap was run and tested to peak efficiency. Our production is in full operation and running smoothly, with comments as “the water is so cold we need mittens to start the jobs up” and “the water has never been this cold.”  Again my sincere thanks to Bob Abbott, Charles Sanclemente, Pat Flaherty, Frank Lepone and Jim Casselring.  You guys make it happen.”

David Bronum
Saint-Gobain PPL

“I wanted to send you a note of appreciation for Ron Lukacher and Mike Hagan for their efforts at the Spring House Farm in preparing for and dealing with Hurricane Irene. They work hard and are dedicated to providing great service!

Please share our appreciation and recognize your employees.”
Bradford P. Kimbell
Facilities and Operations Leader
The Dow Chemical Company
Springhouse Technology Center